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Purpose of a

Purpose of


The primary purpose of a is to give a direction to a web-user to take this shortcut route to reach at the destination faster, promote every domain name and moreover save time.


Generally, an additional fee is paid to benefit from a unique facility. For example; you pay a toll to cross a bridge to save time.


The most unique characteristics of


Xzatly holds an infinite unique and dynamic features, and a few of the most used and make it an attraction for a website owner are described below:


  1. Cover and secure a real URL from a hacker.

  2. Provides a faster and safer way to reach at the destination.

  3. Quicker, faster and a right direction is one of a unique benefits of a Xzatly because it is observed, an internet user is generally very impatient and want to extract a desired answer fast, and a Cross-URL takes a user on a right result quicker than a normal and a long URL. It contains an accurate URL not simply a primary domain name with a visible keyword.

  4. Gives a great makeover and make it presentable for a branding.

  5. A Cross-URL provides an ability for a user to customize and personalize long and messy URL according to a desire.

  6. The chances of clicks on the Xzatly are much higher than a long URL. A user generally hesitate to hit a long URL, rather a brand name URL.

  7. An under 20 characters tiny tag holds an unlimited character of a long URL, title, keywords, company name and the additional notes.

  8. Explode a tiny message on a unique social media website into a many layers.

  9. Reduces paid advertising cost significantly and now mostly social media websites and search engines encourage a user to apply a short URL, rather a long URL.

  10. Create a number of bots on the internet like a billboard across the internet to increase a chance of a conversion.

  11. Very friendly for a search engine optimization.

  12. Optimize to each domain name like parks, add-on, subdomain and primary.


How and where to use a Xzatly?


There are a number of ways and places where a Xzatly is used and placed perfectly and that are described below in the examples and images.


  1. Social media websites

  2. Middle of the content

  3. Search engine optimization

  4. Promotion of Add-On, Parked and A subdomain name


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