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Case Study Number Four : Reason for a rejection of your content by the search engines

Why your article and other content is rejected by the search engines, high ranked directories and professional forums?

Article directories and the forums are the online portal that gives you a facility to share your knowledge and increase your audience through your knowledge and expertise rather than you use advertising material or mention personal profile.

Based on our experience over 90% people make following errors and get rejected by the search engines to index and approval from the higher ranked directories and forums.

It is a waste of energy and resources, and compels search engines, social media, forums and directories to change their policies and algorithm time to time to stop such unprofessional tactics that are used to acquire business rating and ranking.

Your content is a key to drive relevant traffic and if your content are rejected then you cannot expect the anticipated results from your articles and blogs that you have posted on different article directories and forums.

Errors to avoid from rejection:

  • Do not use a sales slogan, telephone number, email address and the business address in the content, rather you use your knowledge and expertise with for an audience.
  • Do not leave spelling and the grammatical errors in your content.
  • Do not extract a duplicate images from the internet, rather you should buy and reserve all the rights to use.
  • Use a proper protocol when you write an article and most of our experience most do not bother to ready polices where an article is being posted.

We will share below how a post gets rejected:

This particular post has no content, and I would say we get over 60% post like that. They just post one or two lines with the contact information.

Why we reject such posts?

  • There is no message to a user, no short description and did not allocate in a proper category to display.
  • Such an article increases the spam score rate that leads us to a blacklisting website.
  • Just occupy space in the database and make it heavy.
  • Waste resources such as bandwidth and server maintenance cost.
  • We can be blocked and blacklisted by the other monitoring websites, if we allow such post on our portal.
  • Our Internet Protocol Address (IP-Address) can be blacklisted, if we do not stop such practice.

Used marketing material rather than qualities of the product

Why this article is rejected and removed ?
  1. Title is not appropriate
  2. Business description is completely wrong
  3. The entire article is a self-promotion


So many links to re-direct to the different pages is a violation and normally it is ignored

and removed from the indexing and high rank directories.

Broken images and so many links were used.



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